Block by block, making Baltimore a better place to live.

Creating change from the roots, up.

We engage communities to foster positive action. 

Engage the people. ARTblocks helps Baltimore communities grow an organized plan for transforming the spaces around them into safer, more artful, and livable places that connect people to the environments in which they live. Beautiful solutions grow out of a plan created in workshops with ARTblocks, artists, and the citizens themselves. We then present our solution to the Department of Transportation, City leaders, and investors, who work with us to implement the vision. It’s a relatively quick and easy process, and the results are pretty impressive: a safer, more joyful, and connected community (that looks really cool).

Transforming neighborhoods, artfully.

Small steps have a huge impact.

Foster an organic movement that transforms places and lives. Our grassroots efforts have legs! Suddenly, people connect with their community and the City connects more with the neighborhood. If you’ve driven by a previously dangerous intersection to discover sculptures and parks where vacant space used to be, lights suddenly synchronized to make crossing safer, pedestrian crossings artfully marked—even festivals and gatherings popping up in spaces once thought of as too dangerous—it’s likely you’ve glimpsed our work.

Effect: Immeasurable pride.
Measurable results.

Let’s just skip right to the statistics.

Create change from within. It’s how we roll. How does art contribute to safer neighborhoods and communities? We’re glad that you asked. We’ve helped decrease crime, make public spaces more accessible to the people, and cut incidences of pedestrian accidents. Not to mention, created beautiful places where people want to be! Public space improvements can catalyze private investment and small-scale entrepreneurial activities, such as public markets. Property values may rise. Best of all, results are more sustainable when citizens are actively involved. Neighbors who once barely knew each other watch out for each other and communicate about what’s going on. Pride begets pride. It’s pretty cool to witness. Want more proof? Take a look at the Project for Public Spaces’ stats.

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    After two years, we finally have permission to install the Mondawmin community's five life-size elephant sculptures in Druid Hill Park! We need additional funds for the installation so please be part of this amazing project, and...
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