The Process

“Our mission is to provide communities with creative placemaking, a grassroots, bottom-up design tool used to identify their goals and project ideas for their neighborhood spaces.”

It’s easy to get started. Just contact us, whether you are a community leader, citizen, activist, sponsor, funder, or—well, anyone!

Getting ready

Step 1: Select a site

Step 2: Assess public space challenges

Step 3: Identify key stakeholders

Making a place plan

Step 5: Conduct creative placemaking workshop with the community (residents, local artists and stakeholders) to brainstorm project ideas on-site.

Step 6: Gather data from workshop and create summary report that includes short and long term action items.

Step 7: Review summary report with community leaders and/or community development organization.

Step 8: Develop strategic plan, including funding sources, for implementation of short- and long-term action items.

Implementing your place plan

Step 9: Complete short-term (quick, easy and inexpensive) action items.

Step 10: Write grants and fundraise to complete long-term action items.

 Step 11: Assess results and replicate in another neighborhood space.

 Step 12:  Each space becomes part of a city-wise network of ARTblocks, resulting in a city that is itself vibrant, livable and a place where people want to be.

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