About Creative Placemaking

“We are good at putting up buildings, but we are bad at making places.”—Bernard Hunt, an architect practicing in London

ARTblocks follows the principles of Creative Placemaking, a concept founded in the 60s by writers like Jane Jacobs and William H. Whyte, who introduced groundbreaking concepts about designing cities that catered to people, not just to traffic and shopping centers.

Their work focused on creating inviting public spaces that encouraged livelier neighborhoods. That concept was complemented by Jane Jacobs, who advocated citizen ownership of streets through the now famous idea of “eyes on the street,” and William H. Whyte, who emphasized the essential nature of creating social life in public spaces.

Reclaimed in 1975 by the Project for Project for Public Spaces (PPS) in New York City, the concept of Placemaking expanded. Partnering with public and private organizations, federal, state and municipal agencies and civic groups, PPS has completed projects in over 2,500 communities in 40 countries to date.

Why Placemaking?

While cities rely on the old school methods, too often solutions lag or die altogether, due to a lack of familiarity and an excess of red tape. In contrast, ARTblocks and other Placemaking organizations focus on creating change from within. Placemaking is a grounds-up movement that harnesses the visions of citizens of communities to create the spaces that improve their lives.

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